Top 5 Food Trucks in Perth

While many new restaurants are opening in Perth, so to are the emergence of food trucks, which have become part of Perth’s vibrant dining scene for their tasty convenience. Often seen at festivals, they draw people and activity into untapped areas, offering a variety of food options.

People in Perth love food trucks for their reliability and great value. They are also great for showcasing all the amazing cuisines of the world.  With so many delicious food trucks in Perth to choose from, we’ve narrowed it down to our top five.

Here’s our Top 5 Food Trucks in Perth:

1. Comida Do Sul

Cuisines: Brazilian, Fast Food, Latin American

Comida Do Sul
Delicious food from Comida Do Sul. Image via Jellyphine on Zomato

Location: Varies, Fremantle, Perth, WA.

Call: 0405 967 469



2. Jumplings Tasty Dumplings

Cuisines: Asian, Chinese, Japanese

Dumplings by Jumplings
Dumplings by Jumplings – via Zomato

Location: Varies, Perth CBD, Perth, WA

Call: 0403 180 331



3. Mojito Cantina

Cuisines: Mexican

Mojito Cantina
Mojito Cantina – Mexican Street Food with a twist. Image via Twitter.

Mexican street food travelling around Perth serving food and live music.

Location: Varies, Perth CBD, Perth, WA

Call: 0411 091 160




4. Simply Paella

Cuisines: Seafood, Spanish

Simply Paella
Simply Paella catering at an event. Image via Paulybards86 on Zomato.

Location: Varies, Perth CBD, Perth, WA

Call: 0410 609 940 / 0402 938 202



5. Bangkok Jump Street

Cuisines: BBQ, Thai

Pork Crackle Salad from Bangkok Jump Street. Image via Nachoman from Zomato.

Location: Varies, Perth CBD, Perth, WA

Call: 0403 456 039



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