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Top tips to tackle spring cleaning

It’s springtime! The sun is shining, birds are singing… and it’s the perfect time to add some love and fresh air to your home. Though the idea of spring cleaning your home can sometimes feel a little daunting, you’ll definitely feel better once it’s done – and so will your home! To help you tackle your big spring clean, we’ve compiled a few handy tips below.

1. Write a list


To get started, separate your home into different zones and then list the things you want to achieve in each zone. Doing this not only allows you to tackle one room at a time more productively, but will give you a real sense of satisfaction when it comes to ticking off each completed task.

2. De-clutter


This is the part where you have to be a little hard on yourself. Still hanging onto that pair of jeans that you might be able to fit into one day, or keeping a whole load of CDs that you just don’t listen to anymore? Then it’s time to say goodbye. Go from room to room and make two piles – one you can sell or donate to charity, and another that’s for the tip. Make sure to also de-clutter your fridge, freezer and pantry (and give them a clean while you’re at it).

Imagine how stunning your walk-in wardrobe and pantry would look after a bit of de-cluttering! Check out the amazing pantry in The Key Largo and the walk-in robe (and bathroom storage) in The Alto for some clean-spiration!


3. Work from the top down


For example, don’t spend time vacuuming and mopping the floors before you’ve wiped down your kitchen tops, or cleaned the windows! This way, you’ll be less stressed about making your floors dirty, and more focused on giving each space a really thorough cleaning.


4. Invest in good cleaning products


Start with a good pair of gloves, especially for those not-so-pleasant jobs like cleaning the toilets or bathrooms. Plus, this will help protect your skin and nails. Then, stock up on bleach, multi-purpose sprays, disinfectant, window sprays – the list goes on. If you have all the products ready before you start, it will give you less opportunity to procrastinate during the cleaning process. Or, if you prefer to keep things more natural, stock up on lemons, white vinegar and bicarbonate of soda – all are powerful cleaning ingredients.


5. Sweet dreams!


Now the weather is warming up, you’re probably already taking a few blankets off your bed – so why not go a step further and pay attention to your mattress, too? Strip all the sheets off your bed and give your mattress a good vacuuming to pick up any dust or other hidden nasties. You might want to rotate your mattress too, if possible. To finish off, spray with a disinfectant and let your mattress air for a few hours before making your bed with crisp, clean sheets. Sweet dreams!

Psst, imagine falling asleep in The Altitude‘s master bedroom… Dreamy!


6. Spruce up your alfresco


Finally, don’t forget to give the outside of your home some springtime love, too. After all, you’ll be using this space more and more as the weather hots up – so don’t leave it to the last minute to get cleaning! Give your outdoor furniture a thorough cleaning to remove spider webs, dirt and dust, and wash any outdoor cushions or blankets. Give your BBQ a thorough clean, too (make sure to pay special attention to the drip tray!), and check all outside lights are still working.

Thanks to the spacious designs of The Escala and The Sienna‘s alfrescos, keeping them spick and span will be easy!

There you have it – just a few short tips on getting your home ready for spring. Hopefully they’ve inspired you to get your spring cleaning on – trust us, you’ll feel so much better for it!

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Until next time…

Team Ventura