The Trend Toward Two Storey Homes in Perth & Western Australia

Some of the best Two Storey Homes in Perth & Western Australia 

As block sizes shrink across Western Australia, in cities like Perth, Bunbury and Busselton in the South-West, new home builders are increasingly turning to Two Storey Homes in Perth to make the most of their land and to bring style and class to a new home build.

The trend suggests that two storey homes are really set to take off in the Perth market, in particular. Demand for land in the inner city suburbs of Perth is at a premium and the price of land in Perth is now higher than any other city in Australia. 

A recent report in our sister blog, WA Property News, revealed new data from the HIA  showed the price of land in the Perth suburbs went to an all time high in the last three months of 2013. Perth land prices shot up to $600 per square meter, that’s up from just $202 per square meter in 2003.

Perth by far the most expensive property market for land in the nation, with second place Sydney at $572 per square meter for land.

One obvious solution to the price of land is more compact homes on smaller blocks. However, Western Australian’s don’t want to compromise on quality of life and style in a new home.

We all want to have some sort of unique outdoor space to enjoy the local lifestyle, dominated by hot summers and more blue sky days than you could dream of.

A great two storey home should give Western Australian’s the opportunity to balance the traditional local Perth lifestyle with new, contemporary and Mediterranean style design suited to our climate and values.

Below is a look at some of the best, and most affordable two storey homes in Perth & Western Australia from the team at Ventura Homes in Perth.

These homes are beautiful, spacious and produced with design excellence in mind- that is the ability for clients to amend and change specifications to their preferences, mixed in with designs from the range inspired by living from right across the world. Ventura Home’s architects and designers travel extensively, particularly to the southern European and Mediterranean lifestyle homes of Italy, Spain, Greece and France.

(See our previous post: The Value of Innovative Home Design in Western Australia where we talk to Ventura Homes’ head designer, Graeme Masson.)

The following homes are build under the brand V2: Two Storey Homes for Perth & SW Western Australia. 


The Meridian Two Storey Perth by V2 at Burns Beach.
The Meridian Two Storey Perth by V2 at Burns Beach.
The Monterosso Two Storey Home Perth by V2 - Display Home at Waterford.
The Monterosso Two Storey Home Perth by V2 – Display Home at Waterford.