Wallpaper Design Inspiration for your New Home

Wallpaper Design Inspiration for your New Home

Wallpaper needn’t be boring, nor should it be overlooked when you plan the interior design of your new home.

Feature wallpaper is for when you want to make a bold statement in your home. From dramatic florals and geometric prints to subtle splashes of colour or detail; you are given seemingly endless amounts of wallpaper choices to choose from at affordable prices – all thanks to the internet.

Your home is your sanctuary, a reflection of you. Go that little bit extra to customize your spaces with wallpaper that reflects the mood you’re trying to create.

Take a look at some inspiring wallpaper examples below (a vast majority of them came from Graham & Brown – check them out, stunning wallpaper collections to choose from) which will hopefully spark some ideas in your head about what direction you want to go in with your own home.

Patterned Brown Wallpaper. Image via Ventura Homes: The Monticello Display Home.

Bold and dark one-toned patterned wallpaper looks great matched with metallic, mirrored accessories and furniture.

Scrapwood Wallpaper – 03 Piet Hein Eek. Via Houzz

Love the ocean? A bit of a surfer? Or like the idea of a rustic shed? Create that in your home with scrapwood wallpaper.

Saville Wallpaper. Ornamental and Simple with an Industrial Look. Via Graham & Brown.

Create a resort-style vibe with ornamental and simplistic patterned wallpaper with that glossy touch.

Bright red wallpaper in the master suite with silver accessories. Image via Ventura Homes: The Essence Display Home.

If there is one place you should dare to go bright red with passion in the home, it should definitely be in the master bedroom.

Robot League Multicolor Robots Wallpaper. Via Houzz.

The kids’ activity room (or your son’s bedroom) would look pretty cool with quirky robot wallpaper.

Eve Paintable Wallpaper. Easy to apply and remove, a geometric textured wallpaper to add extra dimension. Via Graham & Brown.

For those who like the sleek and textured look, go with paintable wallpaper. They come in different textures and can be re-painted over.

Wallpaper with a different perspective. Image via Ventura Homes: The Monterosso Display Home.

Experiment with different wallpaper perspectives if you dare.

Driftwood Wallpaper. Via Houzz.

Sometimes less is more. Driftwood style wallpaper creates a warm, welcoming living room.

Savanna Wallpaper. Subtle Tribal effect. Image via Houzz.

Tribal wallpaper doesn’t have to be in your face, there are subtle versions available on the internet to still have that safari feel without overdoing it.

Bright and fresh wallpaper in the master suite. Image via Ventura Homes: The Spectrum Display Home.

Step back in time – if you grew up (or you’re a fan) of the 60s and 70s – why not celebrate it through your wallpaper with fresh and funky designs.

Frames Wallpaper: an interactive wallpaper that your youngsters can paint directly by Taylor and Wood. Image via Houzz.

Get your kids involved with interactive wallpaper – wallpaper designed so your children can colour it in for you (or glue photos into the frames). It’s a nice sentimental touch that would look good in the nursery or activity room.

Stone Wall Mural in eight easy to install panels. Via Houzz.

Stone wallpaper is an intense option, which may look pretty cool in the home office if you were to transform the office into a small man cave.

Gentle industrial grey wallpaper in the ensuite. Image via Ventura Homes: The Monterosso Display Home.

When looking at putting wallpaper in the ensuite, you can’t go wrong with shades of grey.

Spa Wallpaper, a bright shimmery wallpaper using light and non-intrusive whites and blues most suitable for the bathroom. Image via Graham & Brown.

Another alternative for the bathroom is shimmery wallpaper that has bits of mirror in it – why? Because it bounces back natural light, making the bathroom feel more spacious and full of light.

Brushed Wood Wallpaper, Tuscan Style. Image via Houzz.

If you enjoy going on your holidays (especially to Tuscany in Italy) then you may enjoy the brushed wood style wallpaper. It is an earthy, rustic feel that would look good even in the laundry.

Rustic wallpaper vibes in the master suite. Image via Ventura Homes: The Allure Display Home.

Brown wallpaper is the new neutral. It can be teamed with almost any colour scheme, creating a chic-masculine vibe

Bela Removable Wallpaper, Midnight – peel and stick. Image via Houzz.

For a sophisticated, royal entrance into the home, consider gold metallic prints when shopping for wallpaper.

Flutterby Wallpaper. Image via Houzz

For a flirty and feminine look, go for brightly coloured wallpaper prints that make use of white space.

Rustic Lodge Wooden Log Ends Wallpaper. A man-cave favourite. Image via Houzz.

Got that man cave up and running? Don’t forget the wooden log wallpaper to make yourself feel like you’re in a remote cabin.

Beadboard Wallpaper without all the work! Image via Houzz.

Beadboard wallpaper is a classic style that is now becoming a hot, modern trend again.

Textured wallpaper for a masculine feel in the home office. Image via Ventura Homes: The Prodigy Display Home

Make the home office your ‘serious zone’ with featured wallpaper that reflects both authority and calmness.