Wine Storage Ideas for Your New Home

Are you a wine lover? Then you’ll understand that getting your wine storage organised is one of the highest priorities for any new home.

If you love to drink and to collect wine, getting your wine storage space right is going to be a big deal. Firstly you need the space for storage, anticipating future ‘wine cellar’ potential for your very best wines. Secondly, you’ll need a wine storage solution that gives you ease of access to that bottle of new Cab Sav you’ve been thinking about all day. Think a good wine rack on the wall in the kitchen or by the living room, or perhaps on the hallway door as you enter your home.

With this in mind, we’ve put together some of the best wine rack designs that might go well in your new home. We’ve mixed some images of our Ventura Home displays, with a collection of great wine racks you should be able to purchase online.

Here’s a look at some of the best designs we found:

Wine space in The Monterosso.
Wine space in ‘The Monterosso’ by V2 Homes.
Wedding gift idea - wall wine wrack with date and message.
Wedding or housewarming gift idea – wall wine rack with date and message. source: Etsy
Industrial plumbing wine wrack.
Industrial plumbing wine rack. Source.
Handcrafted wooden wine storage rack with labels.
Handcrafted wooden wine rack with labels. Source
Horseshoe wine wrack, made form real horse shoes.
Horseshoe wine wrack, made form real horseshoes, for 7 bottles and 4 glasses. Source.
"The original" wine storage design.
“The original” wine storage design. Source.
Wine storage under the stairs in Loft Home 'The Connoisseur'
Wine storage under the stairs in Loft Home ‘The Connoisseur’

Source: Buy some of these wine storage ideas from Etsy.