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We understand that building your dream home will come with many questions. We hope our most frequently asked questions might help make your building journey easier.

Should I choose my land or my home design first?

This is a great question and depends on your situation. Here’s a few scenarios you might want to consider

If you would like to live in an established area and there are only a few blocks to choose from, then we recommend choosing your block first. We’ll then work with you to change the home design to suit your block. One thing to consider is that preparing the block for your home could get to be expensive. So, before you purchase it, let us drive past and give you a guide on the siteworks or demolition costs. This is a free service that could save you 10’s of thousands. If it all stacks up, buy it.

  1. If you have a limited budget and you’re not sure what you can afford or where to buy, then speak to us. We will discuss your dream home with you, what size land you need, preferred areas and your budget. From here we will recommend areas that best suit your needs, location and budget. All of this is a free service but will remove confusion and make life a lot easier.
  2. If you have a specific block and location, call us and we can get in touch with the developer to put it on hold. When it’s on hold the agent won’t sell it for a few weeks to someone else. This gives us the time to design a home that suits your block, budget and lifestyle. If you’re happy with everything… grab it…. If not…don’t.

Buying land without getting advice can be risky as you could lock yourself into a contract only to find the home design you love doesn’t fit, it’s to expensive or it just doesn’t work on your land. The sooner we get involved the smoother the building journey will be. We’re here to help.

Is there a warranty on new homes?

All home builders in Western Australia offer different types of warranties on building construction, but all must last at least six years with the original owner-builder.

At Ventura Homes, we offer a lifetime structural warranty. That doesn’t necessarily mean the lifetime of the home though, it means the life of the original owner or the time in which that person owns the home.

The appliances within your home will come with warranties for a set period of time. Each supplier will be different so we recommend you review the documentation you receive when you get the keys to your new home.

Warranties on newly built homes can include maintenance issues. For example, it isn’t uncommon for minor cracks to form in your home as the foundation and walls are settling. Generally, these cracks aren’t anything to worry about and will be attended to at the time of a warranty inspection.

Can I copy another builders plans?

Another builder owns the rights to their plans, we absolutely cannot copy what they’ve done. It’s considered a breach of copyright laws.

The way we can help you is to understand fully what it is that you like about a particular design and work through a solution that is different but suits your style. It might be that you love raked ceilings and after talking it through that’s what you loved about the other builders design. Easy! We have beautiful designs featuring raked ceilings and we’ll work towards making any of our designs suit your needs.

What isn’t included in my new home?

If you’re like most people wanting to build a new home, you’ve been to all the display homes and you’re probably a bit overwhelmed. Don’t worry, that’s normal. You’ve probably asked how much each home costs to build but potentially haven’t considered that a display home is completely finished and most new home builds don’t come completely finished as standard.

From time to time offers will be running to include some items, but generally you won’t have flooring, window treatments, landscaping, letter box, clothes line, fencing and internal wall painting included in the build price. These are all things you can add on but it’s important to remember when you’re settling on prices.

What is a detailed area plan (DAP)?

A detailed area plan is an image of your property which shows setbacks from boundaries, coverage of the site, the fire rating of the block, expected noise levels and other points. It makes it really easy to see the impact of any rules governing building in your local area.

In land estates or developments it will include things like the side of the property that the garage should be located on.

I’m interested in investing in a display home, how does it work?

Our display homes make a great investment. They have a high specification and are maintained professionally on a weekly basis both inside and out. Leaseback agreements can also be very generous, providing a high return on investment. Essentially, we will continue to use the home for display as we lease it from you, essentially covering most of the mortgage payments for you.  The home will be meticulously taken care of during the lease period and presented to you as if it were a brand-new home when the keys are handed over – giving you peace of mind that your investment will perform well today, tomorrow and for many years to come.

If you are looking for a home rather than investment, we suggest you consider building. It may be more cost effective, the design will be more specific for your needs and of course you can move in as soon as it is built.

I don’t want to deal with sales people, what can I do?

This is certainly a common sentiment when navigating your way through the local display village. We believe in trust, authenticity and transparency. Our Consultants are trained extensively in design, friendly customer service and how to achieve the very best value homes for our clients. They are the very best problem solvers and are great listeners! You’ll notice the difference with us and you will understand why we are Perth’s most awarded builder.

The economy is slow, is now really a good time to build?

We don’t think you shouldn’t believe everything you hear on the news. Yes, our local economy is slow. That’s exactly why now is the perfect time to build. Prices are at an all-time low and inclusions are very high! Finance rates are looking great too. As far as construction goes, we have the choice of the very best trades and building timeframes are the quickest they have been in a long time. Now is the time to get a fantastic home and at an even better price.

I am considering building but don’t know where to start?

With all the sales people, TV commercials and display homes out there, all screaming different messages we don’t blame you for feeling a little confused. Here is the best advise we can give you.

Choose a builder and a great consultant.

That’s right, before you have been to a bank or even thought about a block, start with a builder and a consultant. Why? Because a great consultant from a great builder will help you navigate the entire process from budget, to finance, design, securing a block of land, settlement, contracts and construction.

Do your own research.

Which builders have a great reputation? Which builders complete the highest number of homes each year? There must be a reason. Which builders win the most awards? Ask to read testimonials from existing clients. Visit a home under construction.

Reliability, honesty and experience are all key factors that your builder must have.

I’m interested in building for investment purposes. How can I maximise my profit?

We love making money for investors at Ventura Homes. Building an investment home can be thought of as an ongoing business. A high-quality build will not only present well to potential clients, it can also keep your maintenance and repair costs to a minimum over the life of the business. Another key to maximising potential profit is to design the house around cost effective features that provide the “Wow” without the high price tag.

Our New Home Consultants are highly trained to provide multiple cost-effective options that give your investment an edge over the competition. This means that you’ll have a more desirable home to rent out with a greater return on your investment for many, many years to come.

I have a big block I am thinking of subdividing, what’s the process?

There are many ways to subdivide a lot. First, you will need to know how much a lot is worth once divided.

We have found it better to design a house on the proposed sites before going through the subdivision process. That way you can see what will actually go on the lots and how much it will cost before you start the project. Speak to one of our professional design consultants who will be with you all the way through the process. From designing your new home, demolishing the old one, developing any other lots and the actual building process.

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